Shared here are the energy workings and significance of one of the main 28 Reiki Chakras – THE ARMPITS. All in all, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition there are 31 Reiki Positions, and 33 Reiki Positions under the initiation of Master Renooji.

REIKI is a Universal Life Force Energy and is a healing modality, which was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, in Japan approximately in the late-1800s.

What is written here is for the purpose of sharing spiritual knowledge and is aimed at benefitting all Reiki Healers and Practitioners in their daily-healing-practice.

Renooji is a Clairvoyant and Healer. She affirms these energy-recordings made by her are from her personal experience over the last 26 plus years. As she has journeyed with the healing light of Reiki and continues to heal and empower others. Activating their healer within!

28 Reiki Chakras and their Significance – THE ARMPITS

The Armpits Chakra – both right and left, are where our responsibilities unfold. Especially from previous lifetimes. Healing at the Armpits Chakra is specifically connecting us to and healing our “debt of gratitude”. This is what leads us to new healed territories. Renooji says,

“Remember,  that all sounds emanate in the material universe, from Prana ( life-force). It is this chakra, the armpits, that connects the Healer to the pure source of their spiritual consciosuness. Heal here everyday. When the Healer heals here, I see energies of all emotions coming under the governance of the light. And the healed healer is inc ontrol, stable, and confident. Keep channelling the light, know you are loved and loving. “

Further Knowledge by Renooji

These words of Renooji are enhanced by the knowledge that she shares with us. About this chakra – the armpits. Note that healing here conquers the hungry and caustic tongue. And this leads all within the healer to a place of reverence. Take a deep breath and heal daily. Connecting to this chakra. Immersed in a mass of Divine Radiance, affirm, “I live in truth, word and deed.”