Shared here are the energy workings and significance of one of the main 28 Reiki Chakras – THE BACK HARA. All in all, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition there are 31 Reiki Positions, and 33 Reiki Positions under the initiation of Master Renooji.

REIKI is a Universal Life Force Energy and is a healing modality, which was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, in Japan approximately in the late-1800s.

What is written here is for the purpose of sharing spiritual knowledge and is aimed at benefitting all Reiki Healers and Practitioners in their daily-healing-practice.

Renooji is a Clairvoyant and Healer. She affirms these energy-recordings made by her are from her personal experience over the last 26 plus years. As she has journeyed with the healing light of Reiki and continues to heal and empower others. Activating their healer within!

28 Reiki Chakras and their Significance – THE BACK HARA

The Back Hara Chakra is a chakra that attracts the healer. It is this chakra that is training and tuning the material and spiritual mind. This is why many healers constantly live in this chakra centre. Attracted to this training ground for the self, and the higher self. It is worth noting that the Back Hara Chakra can be a troublesome energy point. Why? Because this chakra is a breeding ground for discontentment. Troublesome thoughts and negative patterns of thought reside here. So, heal them now. Do not connect with the negative here, by simply healing. As all this is activated directly from here. Also, this chakra activates depression. Thus, anyone who is predisposed to depression must heal here. All Healers must heal here, actively and consistently.

Healing at this Reiki Chakra

Renooji shares more about this energy point. She says, –

‘ All Healers must channel the healing light to other depressives, known and unknown. Additionally, request Reiki to eradicate depression patterns, thoughts and energies from Planet Earth and beyond!’

Moreover, as you must continue to heal daily. Healing this chakra enables the healer to recognise the structure of life. As the healer healing at this chakra centre is connecting to their inner-personality. An amalgam of the spiritual and the material essences of the self. In conclusions, know these truths, that

“The Light blesses all.

For the Guru the Student is precious.

In the end, we are all one.

We must all connect to this Oneness.

Do your spiritual practice daily.

Heal, Meditate, Chant, Pray, Sing, Dance, and Love “

This sharing for today ends here. Affirm – “I heal more and more.” Love you all. Do your touch-body-healing daily. No matter your Reiki level, this is the most precious and sacred aspect of this healing modality.

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