During this time of Navratri Celebrations, Renooji (Renoo Nirula), has enabled us with knowledge and mantras to connect to, understand, and invoke the energies of Devi. It is a Journey that the Guru Invites You to take with Surrender and Devotion. (Below are extracts from Renooji’s lectures on Devi, Shakti, Durga and her many forms to empower you further)


“The Goddess who walks amongst the seekers guiding and empowering the devotee and the learned, she who is chaste and vital, and is the embodiment of all Vidya (specific and enhanced knowledge born out of intense thinking/meditation) and all Vigyaan (specific and enriched knowledge that is born out of investigation and testing universal truths and falsities).”

‘As the 9 Nights and 10 Days of Worshipping and Glorifying the Feminine Divine reach its second night, with the Second Form of the Navdurgas – Let us first continue to connect to the Descent of the Devis :

The 9 Devis, or Durgas are the key -expansions of the Feminine Divine in Hindu Folklore – our Myths, Legends and Vedic Hymns describe them as Warriors, Mothers, Progenitors, Protectors, and Keepers of ALL Human endeavour – be it in the spiritual or then material realms. These 9 Nights and 10 Days are a time of celebration and glorifying these forms, welcoming their blessings on Planet Earth – into our Hearts, Homes and Lives.

For many, these adjectives will never be enough, and hence they refer to her in her energy form – as SHAKTI! As all that is movement, kinetic and frenetic in this world and the next. She is the Masculine Divine in motion – she is that combustible nuclear energy ACTIVATED! That is what Shakti is, and to know her, touch her, taste her and see her, we must first begin by inviting her, and approaching her with love in our hearts. The best way to do this is through Mantra, and so, we are sharing here a small part of the Navratri Chanting from the 2nd of October, 2016. As we begin the mantra and meditation for the second Form of Durga – BRAHMACHAARINI, we must begin by inviting Devi in this glorious form by chanting :


‘Devi Brahmachaarini is the unmarried form of the Devi. Shailputri is the personification of the Devi in the form of a newborn. Worshipped with the love, care and affection that would be bestowed on such a form. As devotees, we invite with a gentle heart and mind Devi Shailputri. The Second day – today – heralds the Devi energies transforming into a young girl who is filled with all knowledge and all wisdom. She is the avatar, or core-form manifestation of the Feminine Divine, which is in deep meditation and in deep service to the Divine – in the form of Lord Shiva. She is in prayer herself and we join her by following her and requesting her to bestow upon us the wisdom and knowledge she carries. Thereby awakening our every pore and cell, our every sense to the presence of the Divine. As she walks through the material realms in these days of the Navratris she sprinkles her love on our karmic-kumbhs, releasing us from our negative karmic-patterns, whilst blessing us with the ability to love ourselves and be loyal to the Light, the Guru and the Divine.

The energies of blue light are manifesting, bringing empowered actualization of all your goals. Chant the mantra and empower your throat chakra, this rectifies all your negative thoughts and blesses you, giving you access to your super-karma (karma that is without consequence as it is empowered by the divine, it is your ‘spiritual quotient’). Devi and her blue light attract forgiveness of your negative karma, which in turn creates a new stringy-filament like structure that is covering all of Mother Nature and Planet Earth. This blue light has come to reside in all the plants, trees, animals and has found a home in the throat chakras of all Humans. Know that your speech centres have become activated and whatever is going to be spoken by you, will multiply for the next 6 months. Connect to the presence of the Sita-Ram Golden energies as they form a triangular formation over all living beings on planet Earth. Consciously invite these energies in your daily spiritual practice.’

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