Wishing All of you a Very Happy Diwali! As the Five Days of the Celebrations unfold connect to the energies of Love, Joy and Celebration.
On DHANTERAS 25th October, 2019 : Bring Home the Opulence

On CHOTI DIWALI 26th October, 2019 : Spread and Share all your Blessings

On DIWALI 27th October, 2019 : Gather & Harness the energies for the upcoming year

On VISHWAKARMA/GOVARDHAN 28th October, 2019 : Honour and Respect all your material and spiritual weapons/tools!

On BHAI DOOJ  29th November, 2019  : Connect to the protective energies descending on planet earth and participate in that protection – of the self, the environment, the planet and others.



Please Click link below for the Puja Timings
DIWALI PUJA TIMINGS 2019 – Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali and Govardhan/Vishwakarma


Please Click link below for the DIWALI MANTRAS 2019 :
Renooji’s Diwali Mantra Sheet- Diwali Mantra Sheet-2019