Please Note : The above timings are for your local time zone, irrespective of what part of the world you are in. (You do not need to convert these timings).


Click here for the Diwali Mantras Sheet 2021.

Also view the Diwali Pujan Process & Procedures 2021 by Renooji.

Wishing All of you a Very Happy Diwali! As the Five Days of the Celebrations unfold connect to the energies of Love, Joy and Celebration.

On DHANTERAS 2nd November, 2021 : Bring Home the Opulence

On CHOTI DIWALI 3rd November, 2021 : Spread and Share all your Blessings

On DIWALI 4th November, 2021 : Gather & Harness the energies for the upcoming year

On VISHWAKARMA/GOVARDHAN 5th November, 2021 : Honour and Respect all your material and spiritual weapons/tools!

On BHAI DOOJ  6th November, 2021 : Connect to the protective energies descending on planet earth and participate in that protection – of the self, the environment, the planet and others.