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Yesterday – 25th July 2021 was the first day of the Holy month of Saawan – this is an ideal time to deepen your spiritual practices – be they in the form of healing, meditation, fasting, and/or service to others.

Why? As this month is considered to be a time in the universe when the masculine and feminine energies amalgamate into a oneness that expands the positive in all times, spaces and realms. As conscious beings on Planet Earth, connected to the healing light, this is an expansive time to meditate upon the Father and Mother of the Universe.

Join us for the first Monday of Saawan as we connect to these energies and download the blessings for our desires and wants to be healed, manifest in harmony and fuel our spiritual growth.

Announcing Mantra & Meditation via Zoom with Renooji. 

* Please register with us in advance via the number provided here +919711067123. We look forward to welcoming you on this empowered journey of Mantra and Meditation with Master Renooji. 

Students, Healers and Newbies are all welcome to these Mantra & Meditations.

Globally the energies, our priorities, ways of life, perceptions and realities are in a state of change. Connect to these Mantra & Meditations with Renooji.

Mantra is a powerful set or sequence of sounds, be it words, incantations, the universal sound that enables us through recitation to protect our mental aura and mind. Join us in these guided meditations with Renooji as we experience mindfulness and bring our bodies in harmony with our world.

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