Aura and the Zodiac is completely different from any other horoscope or astrological guide. There are no calculations, no symbols and no guesswork. These Pages as well as the Daily Zodiac Aura Guidance provide a most comprehensive and revealing guide for you that is being channeled as it is being ‘seen by’ Renoo Nirula. Presented here is this great work as clairvoyantly seen by Renoo Nirula, through the universal and individual auras across 7 major facets of human existence – CHILD, FRIEND, MAN, WOMAN, PARENT, PERSONALITY and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AURA. Traits that describe Gemini friend are:

To them friendship is for fun, gaiety, happiness, mental stimulation and for receiving something back, without long term obligations. Hence, they may be very friendly today and not recognise you tomorrow, so beware.


Gemini people love friends but form very few deep attachments as they are afraid of giving too much of themselves.


They love novelty; their minds are constantly keen and curious.


They sprinkle their conversation with amusing anecdotes and their brilliant knack of changing their personality to fit the mood of the crowd allows them to be well liked.


Gemini people get bored very quickly and never take life too seriously.


They enjoy a good laugh at people, sometimes hurting them without intention.


They rub people the wrong way because they express opposing views just for the sake of exercising their incredible intellect.


They are quick and shrewd in their reasoning power and will say anything. They are very likable, entertaining, optimistic, helpful, intelligent people, full of good humour and a sense of camaraderie.

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