It is empowered action, that converts obstacles into opportunities – across all spheres of life. From the mundane to the profound. Its reach is from the traffic-jam that you are stuck in, to the neighbours over-watering your plants.  It empowers Students to heal their Books, Teachers and Exams, whilst healing themselves to absorb information and knowledge, with better understanding. From Physical Discomforts to Chronic Diseases, it is a cure, tonic and elixir. Restoring the natural balance, enhanced.

It re-writes our genetic and karmic code.

Transformative – healing once channelled through empowered sources, helps not only the individual or situation that the healing is being channelled to. It is more intelligent than Healer or Receivers of Healing, and thus creates a domino-effect where all those that are connected to the person or situation, begin to feel the positive effects of healing. The greatest indicator of successful Healing is a change of thought, a change of emotion, a change of one’s position viz.a vis the situation that is needing the Healing.

Healing always results in our lives in tangible, see-able, knowable aspects and forms.

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