Aura and the Zodiac is completely different from any other horoscope or astrological guide. There are no calculations, no symbols and no guesswork. These Pages as well as the Daily Zodiac Aura Guidance provide a most comprehensive and revealing guide for you that is being channeled as it is being ‘seen by’ Renoo Nirula. Presented here is this great work as clairvoyantly seen by Renoo Nirula, through the universal and individual auras across 7 major facets of human existence – CHILD, FRIEND, MAN, WOMAN, PARENT, PERSONALITY and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AURA. Traits that describe Libra child are:

The Libra child is a delicate flower because he or she is a meeting point of intellect and emotion and these two don’t integrate easily.


The child is usually very intelligent and bright, but unsure of how to handle his or her feelings.


They don’t appear to have much initiative, and unless guided and directed by an understanding parent or teacher, may grow up unable to make positive use of their many potential talents.


They become excited by an idea, plunge into action with enthusiasm – and then lose interest and look around for something new.


These children have very little urge to develop their capabilities; ambition is something they have to learn.


A Libra child is much more likely to become a successful dancer, actor, singer, writer, painter, interior decorator, architect or beauty specialist, than shine in a cut-throat commercial occupation.


Moodiness and jealousy are often a problem. They may be happy and gay one moment, and inexplicably depressed and silent the next.


The more they are left alone, the more temperamental and introspective they become. If this is allowed to continue, the child may grow up with few friends and unreasonable possessiveness, which may cause great unhappiness.


Libra children have a magnetic appeal that makes other children want to be with them, but they seem unable to maintain the initial attraction.

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