As we approach Our Lord, in humility and submission, let us chant –




“PRATHAMA” – The One who is first among all. He who is Number One in ALL aspects of existence. In this form he uplifts us, placing us in positions of gain.

All these Mantras are empowered for you to chant, at anytime, however, as is tradition there are certain Mantra Protocols. If you are new to Mantra Chanting, or perhaps just want to revise your knowledge, please read the Mantra Protocol we have provided, it is easy, and is for any individual, from any religion, caste or creed. Unconditional and Limitless are the Powers of Mantras. Our minds and bodies are tools, much like antennae or a satellite dish, and the mantra is the frequency we wish to tap into. So, without fear and all other limiting beliefs about the self – Chant Now !

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