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“Today we are connecting to a series of mindful meditations to consolidate our spiritual essential self.
30 meditations ahead ( till 01.01.2020) will prepare us for excellence in the new year.

Meditating on the light of greatest love, unfolding strength, compassion, knowledge, light and healing, know that it allows your heart to create a huge reservoir of blissful energy.

Placed in your heart is a circle of golden light, see it spinning in the centre of your chest. Know that there is a hidden message in this spinning light circle for you today. In silence, hear the message, and commit it to memory. Know that it will awaken in you the exact action that is needed so that you create your new destiny in harmony. See this circle spinning faster and faster , so that your whole body is full of this new light of Supreme memory.  Know that your destiny unfolding in your spiritual consciousness is brining you to the heart of the light. Accept this new energy and move gallantly towards the betterment of life. Remember the message and move to your new life goals. In thankfulness remain in the greatest love. Healing hugs of the pink and green light. Love from the sun of the heart.”

See the petals of your flowering heart chakra channelling and spreading the light. Stay connected to this  light.
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