Every man surrenders himself to someone. Surrender to the healing light of The One.

Real wants once fulfilled cease to be, whereas desires arise again and again. Healing once enthroned in the heart, sprouts into healing actions. Just like a seed once sown, sprouts into a tree once grown. A healer’s life is one pointed, complete surrender into the light, brings one to a space where one does not worry even about one’s progress. The healer does not look for the fulfilment of his own wants, he fulfils the wants of others. Dependence on Divine Grace is the most unfailing anchor of the devotee healer. Allow your sense organs to understand today that you have gained full experience of the shadowy nature of this world and can clearly see the golden light of the ‘heart universe’. Healing hugs of power. Love from the Eternal Power.

Go through the Archive of Renooji’s Messages of the Day, especially the Archive of the Meditation with the Master series – to connect as the Guru communicates and guides all her Students.