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Meditation on the sphere of influence.
We are often surrounded by people who have a stronger influence on our decisions and we often regret the outcome of such decisions.
Today let us use the energies of influence to create a psychic transmitter in our aura body that will ignite our consciousness whenever we are so influenced. Take a step forward and find a safe place where you could sit, near a tree or an indoor plant. Thank this day. Thank the light. Thank this opportunity. Thank the journey. Thank the people and thank yourself for participating. Know that over the last nine days you have accessed a huge reservoir of very effulgent planetary energies in gratitude. See these energies knitting a psychic web full of all the colours around you like an egg-shaped sphere. See your self within this sphere and see it flooded with golden light that is misty and translucent at the same time. This energy transmits thoughts that are positive for you and inhibits the negative. See rays of laser lights in varied colours flowing out of your protective shield to heal the people who influence you. Healing hugs of the varied kind. Love from the golden heart of all the planets.
 Refrain from telling people what to do, instead, just send out love from the golden heart, knowing that all is safe.

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