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Meditation on the psychic eye.
Rejuvenate your third eye chakra by activating your strength and wisdom at the soles of your feet. Know that you unplug the soles of your  feet to nurture Mother Earth with the golden light . (See rays of golden light flowing out of your feet into Mother Earth.) At the same time you absorb the wisdom unfolding and moving up your legs from the heart of consciousness from within the womb of Mother Earth.
Tune into your third eye chakra at the centre of your forehead. See a swirling purple eye rotating. Close your eyes for a few seconds . As you open them know that you have just invited your psychic portal to be influenced by me. There is now a purple torch of light flowing out of your third eye chakra. Where ever you direct this light, it will show you the truth. This portal is now active and will nurture and grow your spiritual consciousness and wisdom. See this ray as a tool to heal and diffuse all that is not necessary. Thank this ray. Know that you are blessed and ready to help the world you live in. Healing hugs from the psychic frontiers. Love from the world you live in.
Create a new space of wellness and know that you can use this meditation often to create a new universe for your future journey forward in the psychic universe.

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