“A thorn pierces the foot but the tears come into the eyes. Why?
The foot is definitely different in form and appearance from the eye and its function and shape are also different from the eyes. Tears come into the eyes because the one who holds the feet and the eyes as his own is the same person. Thus the world which we see as full of different nations, religion, views, has only one ‘Supreme’, as Paramatma/ Allah/Christ/ whatever other names, but, He is one and the same. We are all his children. We are here in this world to serve one another in a selfless and egoless spirit. Healing shows us the way to love and help all because everyone is our kin. Love and help even your enemies in the spirit of divine healing. Unless this spirit of service and love is not aroused in all human beings, there is no possibility of peace and love being established in our world. Remember that all human relationships are for service only. So, begin your journey with the light once again and be blessed in this union with the light of His love. Healing hugs of gratitude. Love from the centre of love. “
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Solar plexus chakra


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