Peace for agitation!


When we have sufficient karma to meet our spiritual path, we can follow with complete sincerity and yet most of us are not inspired to. Today I am sending you special healing to follow with complete sincerity the healing life path that takes you to live your life in happiness and joy. There is a spiritual approach to enlightenment and liberation, that what we call healing, and this is that which attracts and suits you the most. The spiritual path demands that you heal for the truth of peace and freedom from all agitation. Tranquil and serene is the path of contemplation and contentment. Be prepared, receive, with intelligence and understanding. Know that in every healing moment you do bring your karma baggage; which has to be silently healed. Be prepared to heal with humility and know that all is healed instantaneously. Healing hugs of complete sincerity. Love from the reality spheres of attraction.

Repeat five times

Take five biscuits or mathi or five pieces of dry fruit and eat them each in five bites.
If you choose, you can also take five sips of water between each five bites.
This instals a new life energy today that removes all obstacles and anxiety.

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