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Meditation on the portals of heart chakra consciousness.
We often think that there is only one heart in our body but the reality is that we are surrounded by millions of hearts. Connect to the twin hearts of your third eye and heart chakras. Know that you are accessing psychic energies.
The human evolution in this universe often brings us joy and pain in the same breath. Let’s forgive and move ahead in the light of love and compassion to resolve all. Connect to the heart of the liver and the spleen chakras,  spreading a golden-green hue around you. Connect and gently awaken the divine grace, by chanting OM three times. Know that deep quietness is surrounding and immersing you in deep love and satisfaction. Spread this light to all the millions of hearts around you by thought and know that on the law of attraction you are attracting love back to your hearts. Feel refreshed and strengthened. Healing hugs of a deep quietness. Love from the divine heart.

Knowing that there is only love surrounding you, be with this energy and know that healing at the deepest level has begun.

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