The View.

The splendour of our chakras:

As our soul-self engages with this world, sometimes we feel that there is a darkness of hopelessness and then something that someone says brings light.

It is this message from the external reservoirs of the spiritual soul worlds that help us engage with life here, and yet we are not aware that we are connected there. Changes in this moment, in this process of time, this movement of the body, this all encompassing and inviting wellness brings us to wakefulness. Yet, we all live to engage in the darkness, and live to feel the fear.  Today, seek freedom from fear and see the illuminating lamp of effulgence growing deeply bright in the heart, and healing all your fears. Transcend to the portal of deep love in your heart, and connected with wisdom and joy affirm that you are having a life of freedom from darkness. The way you are seen and heard by others is different from the way you see and hear yourself. Be humble and trust yourself the most and move to your new position of happiness and the humility. Healing hugs of wonderment. Love from the flame.

Chakras: Thighs, Heart, knees

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