“When we adorn our life with virtue, not because we want to get something out of it, but because it is part of our healing personality, that in itself is beautiful.
We must always keep the right attitude and thus maintain a healthy mind. Life without healing and devotion is barren. One cannot gain anything in life unless one is committed to living in a gentle and supportive environment and offering the light to others. Devotion cannot be forced upon anyone. It should bloom in the heart and mind. One’s dynamics as a healer will change to spirituality and betterment in the long run, especially when we heal diligently. So let’s connect to a gentle and soft, whitish gold light, entering our crown chakras and together let’s expand this light to cover the entire planet. You are also covered  with this soft light. Happy and moving ahead, know that you are fully healed. Healing hugs of devotion. Love from the people who are around you.”

The feelings of ups and downs do not block or obstruct the progress of healers. They just give them greater happiness to heal more.

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