Guidance for spiritual strength!

Not everyone believes in healing but every one believes in forgiveness. To clear the heart, so as not to keep even a trace of hatred towards others, or even the slightest grudge, we are always seeking forgiveness. The feeling of being unforgiving or unforgiven is what makes us suffer over life times. When we begin to heal from this karma syndrome, we learn to forgive the self, and remember the good things that we have done in life. There are only two things that are singled out in any spiritual path that a traveller soul is looking for and seeking and one of them is forgiveness and the other is respect. Whenever we are healing we must dwell on the accomplishments and all the things that all of us have done well. Helping to heal that feeling of constructive happiness that we hold in our hearts and our karmic Kumbhs. It is then that the healing action we project out in the universe touches the lives of all, helping them to continue to concentrate on their virtues and not their failings. Healing hugs of deep excavation of truth. Love from the well of forgiveness.

Spiritual belief: The patterns of our heart consciousness helps us move away from the guilt for further purification of our heart.

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