The Land!

Complete transformation of the individual often lands the soul in a new space where attitudes, ideas, views, careers and relationships with all those who are in the same space change and all are in this new experience together. Everyone becomes more tolerant and loving as the fear and the anger dissolve in the heart of this togetherness. The souls congregate to become more aligned and interested in spiritual truths, and begin to walk the path of wisdom and universal happiness in this togetherness. The ocean, the sea, the river, the lake, the pond and the spring; all unite on this land to flow into each other. Soul to soul connections are made on this land and yet none of them are permanent, like an empty sky shuddering in utter darkness and yet there is light. Stay and focus on the narrow area, from a wide point of awareness, see the light and the land shining together. Healing hugs of happiness and joy. Love from the light there.

Connected to the light:

We all rejoice when we move out of the darkness to the light or awaken to the sunrise after a sleepy dark night.

Go through the Archive of Renooji’s Messages of the Day, especially the Archive of the Meditation with the Master series – to connect as the Guru communicates and guides all her Students.