My healing mantra: “Gestating”

Healing through all the mystical traditions of light, is what brings us to the point of effulgence that has been resting in the heart. Are we ready to recognise and receive?

When we truly understand the nature of our healing heart, then there is no more waiting, healing becomes a natural spontaneous response. In the right circumstances and with the right training, we know that we have to flow forward, do the work, add the healing, progress beyond expectation and gently but surely recognising all that is deathless and pure within us. This gestating purity is the promise of all mystic realities, which leaves us fulfilled. This eternal purity of self is a promise not fantastic or unrealistic but actually the highest spiritual truth. This is the highest purpose of human life and as we live; we are healing for this. Continue to unravel your true potential. Healing hugs of great joy, happiness and bliss. Love to share the knowledge forward.

Mantra: “I have let the light peel away all layers of confusion.”

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