The View.

The splendour of our chakras:

Our love is a continuous fountain of light and it overflows for all to drink from. Our prime purpose is to help others to heal and stay surrounded by self awareness of deeper love.

As the patterns of heartfelt love are creating a matrix of love consciousness, we are all emitting a positive loving vibration of immense strength and togetherness. Connected to this vibrational energy, know that sometimes people end up in our lives and say things which make a huge difference, and we wilfully move ahead with grit and determination. We then look for fertile ground and sow the seeds of good intentions that we want to harvest.  Every one of us is more than just ourself, as our lives intersect and create new pathways of life and emotions. Even if we try to strip ourselves of old behaviour, still we will be unique in our approach to situations, events, places and things, our behaviour and our past life experiences influencing our life choices and responses. Hence, today enhance your fountain of love and let it flow. Healing hugs of love. Love from the hugs of the heart.

Chakras: Crown, Calves, Shoulders

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