My healing mantra: “Delivering”

As we are surely aware, that interactions of the soul with other souls never stops, and the comprehension that we are all doing our work perfectly and delivering human karma to one and all is spontaneous.

Even when we think of our lives and the way we are living them, there is always a possibility of changing the process of actions and habits. Turmoil within the heart self could undermine forever the chance of inner transformation, if we did not have the healing light in our hands. Being able to deliver this light to others in truthfulness is actually the process of an enlightened nature. Hanging on to sharing this enlightened consciousness while we are still on earth is a very strong destiny path that some of us choose. When we actually share we are shaken and stirred from the depth of our hearts to see the effulgence of this beautiful process of giving. Stay and continue your dharma. Healing hugs to connect you to wisdom and illumination. Love to continue to connect to more levels of the light.

Mantra: “I am purified enough to share the light of love.”

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