My healing mantra: “Birthing”

The memories that the soul brings down with the inner consciousness allow the bonding with the parents to be complete and yet incomplete.

As each one of us arrives in the material world we are driven by a strong need to live, to love, to cherish, to bond, to continue our journey of life experiencing togetherness in the now. When we bring our mind home to the arrival of a new soul, we essentially see three crucial steps of evolution, the bringing of the soul home to release the past and gently begin the new attachment in the wonder of birthing, and finally relax in the knowledge of an addition to the family, with the parents in awe of the experience. This whole process becomes the highest meditation for a human soul. On a deeper level the realisations and the confidence melt into the understanding of the reality of Divine presence assisting us at every level of our lives. Healing hugs to inspire the profound and natural generosity. Love to share the free heart melting in love.

Mantra: “I am centred in complete association with the love of my parents.”

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