My healing mantra: “Seeking”

As we see ourselves calm and full of clarity and insight, we are actually opening ourselves to become more spacious and pervasive to seek the truth so far hidden.

Beneficial energies of deep healing surround us as we seek a higher purpose to our human life. We soon begin to realise that our vision becomes more expansive to know more. We begin our lives and seeking more guidance find the self surrounded by nature and people. There is a spark of hope, a playful nature and a secret understanding that we all have a similar path ahead. We begin in fact to respect ourselves and our journey when we awaken to recognise the spiritual consciousness-of our nature. We then begin once again our journey of life with a joyful trust in the Divine. Today invite yourself to feel the dignity, the self esteem, and strong humility of human presence being blessed by the Divine. Healing along, stay with the meditative heart, creating new resonance of trust. Healing hugs to understand confidence. Love to share your happiness with others.

Mantra: “I am relaxing into my true nature as I seek forgiveness.”

Go through the Archive of Renooji’s Messages of the Day, especially the Archive of the Meditation with the Master series – to connect as the Guru communicates and guides all her Students.