My healing mantra: “Searching”

Let’s say we make a complete shift. Let’s say we turn away from looking in only one direction. Let’s say we move away from our thoughts and projections.

As we search for the self, inside and outside, it is perhaps the most disturbing and dark aspect of modern society and our collective thought patterns that we cannot find ourselves. It is the result of repression and ignorance that makes us unrecognisable in the true sense. As we truly heal the self, it changes our orientation and it leads us to heal the world around us. It (the healing process) reverses all that which threatens the world, and as we continue to heal, the search for the glorious world ends and the preservation of the light becomes the urgent need. Let us all participate and search in unity and seek the truth in togetherness. Healing hugs of refined thoughts and emotions for togetherness. Love to share your healing grace.

Mantra: “I was looking outwards and have found the light within”.

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