My healing mantra: “Illuminating”

In my teachings over the last 26 years, there are three things that make a difference between truly healing or merely engaging with the experience of healing for relaxation.

I call it good, better, best, never let it rest, till the good is better, and the better best. The innermost essence surrounded by motivation to heal at the height of excellence. To realise that as healing action is initiated to heal the self we are spontaneously healing ignorance and eradicating it from the root. Healing puts an end to all suffering and inspires us to dedicate some time daily to heal the self and the world we live in. By the power bestowed upon us by the Master, we have to make our healing practice perfect, enjoy the happiness, sitting in the heart of the light. Displaying an attitude of gratitude, we dedicate all merit to and for the enlightenment of all beings in our world. The positive power and merit flows for peace on Earth, and for everyone to be free of disease. Everyone should experience total well being and lasting happiness. The skilful healing, the secure practice and the dedication of gratitude to the Master is definitely securing complete enlightenment for all. More than this is not necessary and less than this is definitely incomplete. Healing hugs of alert and spacious sharing of the light. Love to accomplish several things simultaneously.

Mantra: “I completely glimpse the radiance.”

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