The unregulated war!

As we proceed with this new found humility and openness with a real acceptance of our enlightenment, we become more aware of our spiritual desires, instructions and acceptance. This receptivity then takes us to the brink of our new self, where we are opening ourselves up to the possibilities of new healing frontiers. With dedication and practice, we move ahead to create a space where there is nothing more to change except flow forth with the light of love. Inspired, relaxed, healing and in deep contemplation we begin to truly introspection. Only then can we connect to the truth which will open our eyes to what we are really doing with our lives. Happy, in good health, in creative confidence and full of wellbeing, we are moving to the final experience, where our whole world view changes and we begin to heal earnestly. Healing hugs of the greatest fondness. Love from the depth of the heart.

The action I can take

Drink a glass of lemon water. Then drink a green tea and then drink a glass of water and then eat three tree nuts (almond/ cashew/ walnut/ coconut). All in sequence.
This will heal the crown, the heart and the root chakras…… re-establishing your tree of “true enlightenment” in the now.

Go through the Archive of Renooji’s Messages of the Day, especially the Archive of the Meditation with the Master series – to connect as the Guru communicates and guides all her Students.