The mind is like a sponge, it picks up impressions, ideas, expressions and experiences whether we are conscious of it or not. The mind is like Kham/ Vayu (space and air) moving through the water element in our body, influencing everything. Every pore and cell of the body (the physical and the psychic) listens, records and absorbs impressions day and night over lifetimes to help us become who we are. When the time is right we emit and discharge the random sensations, feelings and thoughts to show ourselves and the world who we really are. That is why certain tastes, smells, visions, sounds and touches will evoke new realities of awakened memories that birth in us a new intelligence that leaves us feeling happy and proud. Ever youthful and full of vigour and vitality, we agelessly move on to live a greater and more fulfilled life. The Divine plan is that we use our own discriminating abilities to choose our life journey ahead in an ever youthful environment of happiness and healing grace. Healing hugs of a joyful reunion. Love from the people who serve humanity.

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