“Be the Moon!”

Fortunately life is nothing but a dance of life and death and a dance of change, inspiring us to heal for a better soul life experiences. Life may be full of strength and happiness and at the same time pain and suffering, and yet we cannot understand that we have to be open to change and impermanence. The moon’s light is always showing us the real path of healing the self. Opportunities are handed to us to help us move ahead with the possibility of immense change. Learning to live in the shelter of the healing light means we have to let go of the past and the stories of blame. The mind free of all tragedy and the struggle. Lovingly move ahead with a free mind to heal all. Healing hugs of gradual transformation. Love from the heart of the ocean.

Absorb the light

Navel chakra – the radiance of the white light cascading through
Thigh chakras – shining light of the blue moon restoring confidence and grace
Ankle chakras – radiant light of lilac, bringing balance and stability

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