The way people face happiness and sorrow is to forget about the past and the future.

The best way is to heal under all circumstances. We must be vigilant about the spheres of actualising our destiny and the unravelling of karma. When a healer engages the mind and then renders healing service, the healer becomes surrendered and detached from the result. Love and life will appear as a quest and a yearning. The moment one heals, the healer has redeemed the  debt in a fleeting moment and made the best use of the present moment. All else is an echo of the past and a fantasy for the future. Healing and sharing the light, are the surest way to the path of enlightenment, creating a clear reflection of a pure mind.

For this message of the day, these are the following chakras to heal  

Hand chakras
Fingertips chakras.
Teeth chakras
Meng Mein chakra


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