Wastefulness in Waiting!

The best thing that ever happened to all of us is that we have stopped waiting for things to happen to us. Stopped waiting for others to do something for us. For all the others to know in the now, that is what we want and to get it done for us. This is the tryst that leads us to obstacles and delays and blocks. In success and in failure, we are healing the self. We are taking full responsibility to heal ourself and yet we bring the light of healing to the public at large too, to people known and unknown. We must heal all the obstacles as new opportunities. Healing on to remove all the blocks and with it build the strength to heal the ideas in others minds that these are not permanent blocks. Strengthen and empower the self, move ahead to heal more. Solidify the self to remove all the lack and restore the ability within; with the energy of sustenance. Healing hugs of gradual beauty. Love from the heart of the greatest freedom.

Reading this-
It heals my higher crown chakra and leads me to the gates of knowledge.

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