My healing mantra: “Progressing”

Calm and auspicious conditions are awakened and created by the inner wisdom leaning towards the golden light present in the heart. Remember that the healing process is only a means, not the healing itself.

The flame of healing burning steadily in the heart, has the power to intuitively guide us towards betterment. We, then with great calmness can align with the light and connecting to our thoughts and emotions steadily still the turbulence of our thoughts and gently spreading the golden light, move towards the complete light. Your knowledge, your own shifting moods, and the insights that we have developed through our healing practice, allow us to work with ourself moment to moment. By bringing our self into the light as a willing participant; using appropriate methods we begin to transform the environment of our heart and our mind. Healing hugs to practice the methods skilfully. Love to recognise the total presence of the pure light.

Mantra: “Calm, happy and auspicious, I create my new memories!”

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