The Body!

As we enter the womb of our mother to collaborate and make our body, we experience an altered space of time. We experience a feeling of space, peace, calmness and a meditative trance, where there is freedom from pain, bodily sensations and fear. We view our growing body with a sense of sight and hearing; where our consciousness is vividly alert and we feel we can move through the heart to experience all presence of the material universe. We are always connected to a point of light, and are magnetically attracted to the sound of the ocean. We remain enveloped in love and light. Great beauty of seeing, smelling, healing, hearing, touching, tasting inspires us to look forward to reaching the point where we can jointly rejoice in togetherness. Compassionate, loving, present, we witness the life ahead with great enthusiasm. Healing hugs from the body giving mother. Love from the frontiers of fatherhood protection.

We decide to return to this body and this life:

We find ourselves in this realm of timeless space, floating to return and accomplish.

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