My healing mantra: “Envisioning”

When we create an auspicious condition in our body, mind, soul and spirit awareness; and in our environment, the healing energies automatically arise to inspire us to create all that we visualise. In the process we are sending love into our universe.

Delving deep into our hearts, we are constantly evolving our new awareness centres and envisioned we are creating our hearts full of compassion and mindfulness. All the pain, the hurt, the struggles, the obstructions, the heartache are all dissolving in this light of healing consciousness. As the evolution is true potential being unleashed, we are confident of creating the new realisations. Empathy is our natural response and resonance with others. We have to sense the difficulties of others and healing them becomes the core reason in healing the self. Compassion is our response and is what helps us recognise our stability and confidence in the light. Recognise that you cannot change others, only heal them. Healing hugs of renewed wisdom to stabilise your healing potential. Love to harness compassion with wisdom and knowledge.

Mantra: “I rejoice, as I awaken to recognise my true spiritual happiness.”

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