MY GOLDEN CLOUD has 3 Key Access Points, identified, constructed and shared by Renooji.

They are –

1. G.R.A.C.E. –

Grand . Realms . Accessed . Continuously . (for) Enlightenment

 2. A Modality that moves across, Time, Space and Universe, “My Golden Cloud” is an energy that unlocks the hidden parts of the Self that are unknown to us, un-tapped and even inaccessible to the conscious-critical-mind.

3.The third Access Point is that it is a direct energy of Opulence. “My Golden Cloud” energies are unconditionally flowing, unconditionally transforming, – the place, the person, the object and the thought: by PURE UNADULTERATED EMPOWERED INTENTION.

It is a Unique Healing Modality that has been accessed by Healer and Clairvoyant – Renooji. Channeled and Delivered to all her Students, Renooji empowers the Initiates so they may directly connect, partake and share of this energy.

This healing modality is a key, that opens floodgates of positive energy to be accessed without judgment, hindrance or any notions of tuning this energy – on or off. It is ever flowing, once the connection is established.


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