Navratri 2016 : Exploring the Feminine Divine with Renooji


In this Video Renooji answers a Students question about the 9 Devis – who they are, how they descend into the material realm and what Markandeya (an ancient Hindu Sage) described in his Devi Mahattyam – a hymn in glorification of the Feminine Divine, extolling and elucidating all forms of Devi in her ALL her glory and beauty.
During this time of Navratri Celebrations, Renooji (Renoo Nirula), has enabled us with knowledge and mantras to connect to, understand, and invoke the energies of Devi. It is a Journey that the Guru Invites You to take with Surrender and Devotion. The Navratri Videos are excerpts from Renooji’s discourses on Devi.