Renooji’s EXCURSION : 2016, Ganga Dusshera and Nirjala Ekadasi


Renooji’s Excursions are spiritual quests, where she and her students go to spiritual and religious points on the globe, which have Healing significance – for the individual, the social, and the global. This June, 2016, she guided a small group of Healers to Garh-Ganga, in Uttar Pradesh, India – where the Holy River Ganges flows. Here on the auspicious day of Nirjala Ekadasi, which was preceded by Ganga Dusshera – these Healers went seeking the River, to heal the Karmic Kumbh’s of all living beings on planet Earth. They prayed to the River for Love & Compassion, and most of all, her healing powers for all of humanity. They did this in humility and in the grace of the Divine and their Master – RENOOJI