As a mentor, confidante, teacher, guide and spiritual mentor – Guru Renooji has always been generous with her knowledge. Always sharing, gently-steering us in a direction that is empowering. Her guiding hand is a gentle breeze, bringing our ships to dock on safe and secure shores. Through the years her students and others who have known her for a brief moment or then for longer associations in this lifetime, have always been touched and transformed by her knowledge first, and then her generosity with that knowledge is overwhelming and humbling – to say the least.

Due to her travel schedule and her commitment to helping and reaching as many people as she can, across time zones and nations, her students have always known that she keeps detailed journals of her physical and astral travels – of her experiences, her healing and journeys. We are very blessed that in the section ‘Writing of the Day’ she shares with us her healing explorations, findings, and discoveries from her private journals. We gain a rare window into this exceptional woman, this phenomenal teacher, and cherished and much loved Guru, who as one student said, is ‘Spiritual-Mama’ to many.

Explore and delve deeper into the mind, thinking and healing of Guru Renooji’s Journals by visiting the Writing of the Day Archive. Also do visit Renooji’s Daily Posts for guidance across various platforms.