During this time of Navratri Celebrations, Renooji (Renoo Nirula), has enabled us with knowledge and mantras to connect to, understand, and invoke the energies of Devi. It is a Journey that the Guru Invites You to take with Surrender and Devotion. (Below are extracts from Renooji’s lectures on Devi, Shakti, Durga and her many forms to empower you further)


“The Goddess who is born out of The Mountains, the Himalayas, she is the daughter of his peaks and valleys, of His Tapp (Meditative sacrifice) and Madhur-Dhyana (Meditative Devotion).”

‘As the 9 Nights and 10 Days of Worshiping and Glorifying the Feminine Divine begin, with the First Form of the Navdurgas – Let us first begin by connecting to what or rather who are these Nav-Durgas?

They are the key-expansions of the Feminine Divine in Hindu Folklore, our Myths, Legends and Vedic Hymns describe them as Warriors, Mothers, Progenitors, Protectors, and Keepers of ALL Human endeavour – be it in the spiritual or then material realms.

For many, these adjectives will never be enough, and hence they refer to her in her energy form – as SHAKTI! As all that is movement, kinetic and frenetic in this world and the next. She is the Masculine Divine in motion – she is that combustible nuclear energy ACTIVATED! That is what Shakti is, and to know her, touch her, taste her and see her, we must first begin by inviting her, and approaching her with love in our hearts. The best way to do this is through Mantra, and so, we are sharing here a mantra from the Navratri Chanting from the 1st of October, 2016. As we begin the mantra and meditation for the first Form of Durga – SHAILPUTRI, we must begin with :


Often called Parvati, and Hemvati Mata, “Devi Shailputri” is a personification of the cooling aspect of the Feminine Divine. In this form, Durga Maa comes to douse the infernos on Planet Earth. Her function – to revive and resuscitate. Just as the Shraadh (A time for ancestral worship in Vedic Tradition, followed by all Hindus) comes to an end, Devi Shailputri arrives, aiding and assisting all the souls of the ancestors that are leaving Planet Earth, whilst protecting and blessing all the living souls present. She does this by carrying a lotus in one hand, and a trident in the other, riding atop a large Bull. Devi Shailputri’s energies primarily work on the Temple and Navel Chakras of the Planet – healing our past karmic patterns whilst balancing the karmic give and take. Through this Devi Shailputri bestows us with the strength to heal our emotional traumas, thereby giving birth to healed patterns of thought and action. As the burdens are reduced, and empowered positive activities increase, this is an ideal time to begin new ventures, businesses and partnerships. Nothing can stop your progress, growth and success!’

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