During this time of Navratri Celebrations, Renooji (Renoo Nirula), has enabled us with knowledge and mantras to connect to, understand, and invoke the energies of Devi. It is a Journey that the Guru Invites You to take with Surrender and Devotion. (Below are extracts from Renooji’s lectures on Devi, Shakti, Durga and her many forms to empower you further)


“The Goddess who is Mother of Skanda – son of her union with Lord Shiva, her creative act is fulfilled and her progeny displayed as she takes on the role of Defender and Granter of Boons.”

‘As the 9 Nights and 10 Days of Worshipping and Glorifying the Feminine Divine begin, with the Fifth Form of the Nav-Durgas – the Nine Devis, let us first acknowledge our existence at her lotus feet, and connect with devotion to what or rather who these Nav-Durgas are –

They are the key-expansions of the Feminine Divine in Hindu Folklore, our Myths, Legends and Vedic Hymns describe them as Warriors, Mothers, Progenitors, Protectors, and Keepers of ALL Human endeavour – as they are the keepers of our souls, nurturing us, protecting us, and blessing us.’

For many, these adjectives will never be enough, and hence they refer to her in her energy form – as SHAKTI! As all that is movement, kinetic and frenetic in this world and the next. She is the Masculine Divine in motion – she is that combustible nuclear energy ACTIVATED! That is what Shakti is, and to know her, touch her, taste her and see her, we must first begin by inviting her, and approaching her with love in our hearts. The best way to do this is through Mantra, and so, we are sharing here core mantras from the Navratri Chanting on 5th of October, 2016 – led by Renooji. As we begin the mantra and meditation for the fifth Form of Durga – SKANDA-MATA, we must begin with:


II Nishumbh shumbh mardini, prachand mund khandini
Vane-rane prakashineem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Trishul-mund dharineem, dhara vighat haarinneem
Grihe grihe nivasineem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Daridre dukh haarinneem, sada vibhuti karinneem
Viyog-shok haarinneem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Lasat-sulol lochaneem, jane – sada varap pradaam
Kapaal shool dharinneem, bhajami vindhey-vasineem
Kar-abj-danda-dhara-neem, shivum shiva pradaa-yineem
Vara varan-naam shubham, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Kapeendra jaamini-pradaam, tridha swarup dhaarineem
Jale-sthale nivaasineem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Vishisht shrishti karinneem, vishal roop dharineem
Mahodare vilaasi-neem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem
Purendra-aadi-sevitaam surari-vansh-khanditum
Vishuddh budhi-kaari-neem, bhajaami vindhey-vasineem II

These chants above is a Salutation and a cry of ecstasy by the Devotees – a welcome of the Devi in her Fifth form, as Mother.

‘Astride a Lion, Devi Skanda-Mata is holding her son – Skanda in her lap, cradling him and protecting him – symbolic of her love and protection for the human-race. In this glorious form, she is with 3 eyes and 4 hands – in two hands she holds lotuses, while the other 2 hands are in gestures of defending, and granting boons and blessings. Devi in her fifth form guides, facilitates, helps and blesses the human race to actualise their creative, material and spiritual potentials. Giving birth to us she does not control us, she only protects and defends the spiritual path her Devotees are walking on. As a devotee – a bhakta, you must approach and invoke Devi Skanda-Mata in your healing practice today and specifically ask her for protection in your material and spiritual life. The light energies of the past days of the Navratri are now transforming into silver light that is streaming out of the hands of all Healers – opening up and becoming balls of energy that are gravitating towards the centre of all households, factories and constructed abodes on Planet Earth. Once established by the Grace of the Devis, they are activating strength and wealth, so, connect to these now.’

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