Aura and the Zodiac is completely different from any other horoscope or astrological guide. There are no calculations, no symbols and no guesswork. These Pages as well as the Daily Zodiac Aura Guidance provide a most comprehensive and revealing guide for you that is being channeled as it is being ‘seen by’ Renoo Nirula. Presented here is this great work as clairvoyantly seen by Renoo Nirula, through the universal and individual auras across 7 major facets of human existence – CHILD, FRIEND, MAN, WOMAN, PARENT, PERSONALITY and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AURA. The flip side of Taurus personality is described as:

They are apt to want their own way immediately and are very impatient of opposition.


They are likely to lack method, order and perseverance, and skip from one thing to another.


Some of them may suffer from fits of passion and anger when their aura turns red, and that leaves them physically exhausted.


As the aura turns orange and yellow, they can experience persistent and acute headaches followed by temperamental outbursts.


They may be perverse and willful, which could spoil their innate ability to lead.


Taurus people lay down the law when compromise is essential.


They are involved in arguments, which can be mistaken for stupidity, but in fact, they are clever.


If others do not follow their rules, they become peevish, critical, sardonic and quarrelsome and downright rude.


They are quick to give an opinion on any subject but loath to listen to others as they think they are very intelligent.


Those whom the Taureans think are their friends receive too much trust and become centers for emotional dependency, and eventually these friends are likely to take excessive advantage and even turn against the Taurean in the end, having misused the friendships.


Taurus people turn green with envy and end up being oblivious of their own power to hurt.

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