Vision of the day, June 15, 2021 : I am the Sound in the Kumbh - I am the Sound 10 (2020)

“I am the Sound in the Kumbh – I am the Sound 10”  (2020)

Our love is a continuous fountain of light and it overflows for all to drink from. Our prime purpose is to help others to heal and stay surrounded by self awareness of deeper love.

This is part of Artist Renooji’s ongoing ‘Art From the Desk’ Series, consisting of ink works on paper. Renoo Nirula is represented exclusively by Art From Us.

“I view All my Art and creative expressions as a manifestation of my Healer and Clairvoyant selves. The Art I produce are an extension of the visions I see, the auras of beings from this world and beyond – of plant, animals, birds, insects, trees, objects and humans. The joy of putting what I see to paper or canvas is an adventure, where I am charting ‘Architectural-Designs’ and ‘Blueprints’ – as I like to call them – of the Energy-World.”

– Renooji

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