Vision of the day, October 18, 2020 : Portals of Light 20 (2020)

Image Courtesy : D’s Art Takes

“Portals of Light 20” (2020)

Twinkling light and my twinkling eyes see the same thing.

This is part of a series of photographs, shot at The Midnight Galaxy in New Delhi, India. The plates or ‘Portals of Light’ are from Renoo Nirula’s personal collection, each representing a different dimension – drawing in the viewer.

“Art and healing are a perfect fit – as the process of colour, form, shape, and the union of the mind, the influence, the perception and the intuitive guidance all come together to form a meditative process, that brings us to a space of self evolution and we perceive the universe in an involuntary way, making visual perception and the art visual a relationship that has no boundaries – for the viewer, the creator, the meditator or the participator. All benefit from the treat of colour, form, design, and imprint.”

– Renooji

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