“Shrota” (2021)
(Ears) श्रोता

We are always wanting more and more things, more and more comforts, more and more friends, more and more money and our time and money is simply exhausted in maintaining them. 

This is part of a series of works that Artist Renoo Nirula has done as part of her exploration into the blueprints of the Auras she sees! Her formal training as an artist gives her the ability to represent her visions, and these works are a manifestation of her process.

“I view All my Art and creative expressions as a manifestation of my Healer and Clairvoyant selves. The Art I produce are an extension of the visions I see, the auras of beings from this world and beyond – of plant, animals, birds, insects, trees, objects and humans. The joy of putting what I see to paper or canvas is an adventure, where I am charting ‘Architectural-Designs’ and ‘Blueprints’ – as I like to call them – of the Energy-World.”

– Renooji

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