HEALING is a Re-alignment! That is the shortest explanation.
To delve deeper, and not get lost, let us start with the phrase “To Heal”, and what that means. Simply put, it means to be well, to be healthy of mind, body, and spirit. It is rejuvenation, recuperation, and revitalisation – all melded into one. Re-directing the turmoil, pain and anguish into a stream of goodness. It is not born of a religious practice, neither is it a mindless ritual. It is about harnessing and connecting to an infinite source, accepting that energy, using that energy and sharing that energy with others.

Healing as recorded, initiated and shared by Master Renooji, is about empowerment. It is not a helpless, fatalistic approach, but one where the Master empowers the Student, in an Authentic Lineage, that is devoid of judgement, punishment and anger. It is through Initiation that we find the Empowerment, which is HEALING. The Modalities may differ, but the end result is the same – which is, of a person, an environment, a thought, a situation, a nation and its people connecting symbiotically through the Master and her Teachings.

Having described the result of Healing, let us next move to its facilitators. As modern medicine accepts, that all the procedures, interventions, pills and prescriptions are aiding the healing process, creating an environment where the healing can occur and flourish – none of these are actually HEALING, they are very importantly assisting a greater healer.

So, the next logical question is –  Who is a HEALER?

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