KQ is a healing tool that was seen by Clairvoyant and Healer Renoo Nirula, and co-written and documented by Renooji herself, and Nalin Nirula. This healing practice connects you to the blue-print of your life – your Karma.

Starting with Karma Theory, this Seminar under the Guidance and Initiation of Master Renoo Nirula takes you on a journey of discovering your own life, and its repetitive, toxic as well as blessed patterns, empowering you to change them, heal them and transform all aspects of your life and the life of others.

The KQ Force has a lazer-like focus on healing the Karmic patterns of the Healer and the Healee.

It is an amalgam of techniques, and procedures that cut through your negative karma, unlocking your positive karma and enhancing you to a zone where you are creating and functioning with non-consequence binding karma.

Take this journey from the philosophical and academic, to the practical and measurable, with Master Renoo Nirula & the Karma Quotient Force working with your past, present and future Karma. For updates on Seminars and Reviews visit our Event Schedule

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