There is always a way for everyone to contribute and choose to participate – but everyone wants to wait for a story that they want to see unfold in their life. They feel they have limitations and many heal to keep themselves going ahead, and that is why they keep themselves silently watching as their life and others’ lives go by. Everyone thinks and knows that they could have done better with their life, especially because there is so much more they could have done in hindsight. Of course, everyone is happy with what they have achieved, as what one achieves with hard work and focus remains with the self as a source of complete satisfaction, and over time people’s work and their personal ideas and visions are what they live for, and sometimes it is difficult to find success, sustain it, and enjoy life. Everything continuously changes, and sometimes life becomes even more difficult. We must always cherish the self, the effort that one has made, the good effort that people have put forth and participated in, and learning only the good and the positive, one moves on.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

Active between 2015 to 2020, Writing of the Day was a wonderful category where Renooji shared insights from her personal diaries, clairvoyant readings, and meditations.

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