“As we have direct connections and a fundamental relationship with the light, we are bestowing a renewed sense of reverence, admiration and love with a sense of sacredness in all things and relationships. We all stand in the light of love, we must consider sharing our experiences and safely normalise our healing actions, we will move closer to our spiritual development, feel safe, wise, responsible. Know that whatever enlightening healing tools we have at our disposal, we will use them and move ahead with certainty. As one looks at life – yes, thousands of people are also wanting to have all the awareness and, the weird thing is, very few of them will admit to healing daily – so connect to the mysterious light hidden in your heart, and shape your life as you want it to be – just heal all.”

– Extracts from Renooji’s Private Journals.

Active between 2015 to 2020, Writing of the Day was a wonderful category where Renooji shared insights from her personal diaries, clairvoyant readings, and meditations.

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